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Amber Kay

I don’t know how you do it but keep up the good work. I got the capital I needed in less than a day! You guys are awesome!

Amber Kay

Great place to go for the little guy. I wasn’t sure of my chances of getting a loan because every bank I went to rejected me. You folks worked with me and I can’t thank you enough. I have friends that I’ll be sending your way for sure. Have a great day.

Mark V.

I’d just like to say kudos to the staff at SBLS. When we called we spoke to someone who was nice, friendly and knowledgeable and helped us through the whole process.

Steven D.

Hello. Thanks to the team at Small Business Lending Source I was able to get the money I needed without having to take from my business. We are just starting out and we just couldn’t afford to take money out of the business to cover all of our expenses.

Rosyln K.

I own a restaurant that I bought about a year ago. We needed a lot of things for our business and tried to get money from one of the banks. They all turned us down. One of my buddies worked with you in the past and said you were good. I figured why not so […]

Owen H.

We needed capital fast and they delivered everything as promised. We got our money and were able to fulfill all of our orders on time. It feels really good to do business with real professionals.

Kevin C.

Thank you for a terrific experience. I got my decision pretty quick. and was able to purchase the new equipment we desperately needed . I would recommend SB Lending source to any small business owner having trouble getting a loan with the banks.