ERC Advance Funding

Receive Your IRS Refund Advance within 72 Hours

Your IRS refund check might take between 4-12 months, or even longer. Take action now and get an advance on your refund within 72 hours after filing your claim.

Instead of waiting for your IRS refund check, which can take 4-12 months or even longer, take immediate action and secure an advance on your refund within just 72 hours of filing your claim with Small Business Lending Source.

Make the most of your Employee Retention Tax Credit refund without delay. Utilize it to pay off a line of credit, invest in your business, or strengthen your balance sheet during these uncertain times. Our ERC Advance Funding offers a streamlined and rapid process, and there’s no application cost. Our Advance Funding Team is here to guide you, ensuring you receive your ERC claim swiftly and confidently.

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