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Business equipment leases are eligible for tax write-offs, providing you with savings when tax season arrives.

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Opting for financing over a lump-sum purchase lets you spread expenses into manageable monthly payments. This way, your cash remains available for daily business activities.

Tailored Financing

We present an array of financing choices that can be tailored to suit your business requirements. This encompasses our deferral program, seasonal payment plans, and various leasing alternatives.
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Equipment Financing: Your Questions Answered

What is equipment financing?
Much like securing an auto loan for a car purchase, equipment financing empowers business owners to acquire equipment through manageable payments over time. In contrast, equipment leasing allows for equipment rental with periodic payments and no ownership intent. At lease end, the option to renew or return the equipment usually arises.
How does equipment financing function?
Equipment financing equips your business with essential tools. Regular payments encompass the equipment cost plus interest. After the loan’s repayment term concludes, you’ll either outright own the equipment or decide on lease renewal. Virtually any equipment type can be financed to ensure seamless operations and competitive edge.
How can you access equipment financing?
Alternative lenders streamline the process of securing financing for crucial equipment upgrades. While traditional banks often refrain from equipment financing due to depreciation concerns, Small Business Lending Source boasts a team of Funding Specialists who specialize in crafting personalized financing solutions tailored to your equipment needs. Commence the journey by completing our swift application.
What's the typical equipment financing duration?
The duration of your loan term hinges on various factors and varies among loans. Generally, equipment financing terms span from one year to a decade, providing flexibility to suit your needs.
Can I leverage the Section 179 tax deduction for equipment financing?
Absolutely. The Section 179 deduction is applicable to equipment-financed acquisitions, often offering extra value to business owners. This deduction enables deducting up to 100% of the purchase cost, furnishing tax savings advantages while retaining working capital for other business expenses. Depending on the equipment, coupling financing with the Section 179 deduction can significantly bolster your financial outcomes.

Small Business Lending Source’s Difference

We know the importance of working with a financer that is open and transparent, and that is what we at Small Business Lending Source is committed to. With us there are no hidden fees and we will connect you with a loan agent to ensure all of your needs are met. Small Business Lending Source provides one of the nation’s most credible and largest online credit marketplaces, helping business owners and individuals finance business operations.

20+ Years of Experience of Helping Business Owners Acquire Equipment

Today’s specialty equipment is expensive. Instead of tying up valuable working capital, choose equipment financing to keep your business up-to-date and provide options for future expansions. We’ve assisted companies just like yours over the past twenty years in doing so.