Case Study: Enhancing Optometry Practice with a $75K Credit Line


A thriving optometry practice sought to expand its services and improve patient care by upgrading its technology and equipment. To achieve this, the practice needed a flexible financing solution that could adapt to its variable cash flow without imposing heavy upfront financial burdens.


The optometry practice faced several challenges:

  • Fluctuating monthly revenues depending on patient volume and insurance reimbursements.
  • Immediate need for advanced diagnostic equipment to remain competitive.
  • A desire to avoid depleting cash reserves to maintain liquidity for operational expenses.


The practice secured a $75,000 revolving credit line with favorable terms:

  • Credit Amount: $75,000
  • Term: 12 months
  • Documentation: Low documentation requirement for faster processing.
  • Prepayment: No penalties for early repayment, providing flexibility in managing finances.
  • Repayment: Monthly payments, aligning with cash flow cycles.

This credit line functions similarly to a credit card, where the practice only pays interest on the amount drawn, not the total credit limit.


Upon securing the credit line, the practice implemented several strategic actions:

  • Equipment Upgrade: Purchased state-of-the-art eye care equipment to enhance diagnostic capabilities.
  • Inventory Expansion: Increased inventory of popular eyewear models to meet growing customer demand.
  • Cash Flow Management: Used the credit line to smooth out cash flow during slower business periods.


The credit line had an immediate positive impact:

  • Enhanced Patient Services: New equipment led to better patient diagnostics and expanded service offerings.
  • Increased Sales: With better inventory management, the practice saw an uptick in sales from eyewear.
  • Financial Flexibility: The ability to draw on the credit line as needed without penalty provided significant financial flexibility, reducing stress and allowing for better financial planning.


The $75,000 credit line proved crucial for the optometry practice, providing the financial agility needed to invest in growth while managing day-to-day expenses effectively. This case exemplifies how tailored financial solutions can support healthcare providers in expanding their services and improving patient care without compromising their financial health.

This case study serves as an insightful example for other small businesses in the healthcare sector considering similar strategic financial tools to foster growth and stability.

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