Employee Retention Tax Credit Refunds for California Car Dealerships Impacted by COVID-19 Lockdowns in Los Angeles

California car dealerships, auto dealers, new and used truck dealers, and other automotive related vehicle businesses in Los Angeles, California that were impacted financially by the COVID pandemic will automatically qualify for certain periods of time for the employee retention tax credit refund.

Los Angeles went into lockdown mode in March 2020 when California Governor issued mandated executive orders that forced the closure of car businesses throughout Los Angeles, including most car, truck, and automobile related businesses. Many car dealership employees in Los Angeles were temporarily out of work from closures.

This caused California auto dealers, auto groups, dealership owners and investors from automotive related companies with multiple rooftop locations in Los Angeles to suffer financially during 2020 and 2021 from these executive orders.

When California slowly started to reopen, business capacity was restricted and limited in Los Angeles. Plus, many consumers were staying at home, not driving anywhere, and not shopping for new or used cars and trucks in Los Angeles.

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