Offer Heavy Machinery Financing

Enhance Your Sales with Specialized Financing Solutions!

Greetings, Heavy Equipment and Machinery Sales Representatives! Welcome to Small Business Lending Source, where we bring to you our distinguished Equipment Vendor Financing Program. It’s meticulously designed to align with the specific needs of your business and your esteemed clients in the heavy equipment sector.

Utilize our elite financing tools and unparalleled expertise to elevate your sales and increase client satisfaction in the heavy equipment and machinery market. Here’s how:

1. Overcome Price Objections:

Turn a substantial $20,000 upfront expense into a feasible $399 a month, enabling your clients in the machinery sector to make investment decisions with ease.

2. Solve Cash Flow Issues:

Present a versatile and uncomplicated financing solution to assist clients in managing their cash flow, making it convenient for them to say “Yes!”

3. Quick and User-friendly Financing Solution:

Boost your value proposition by offering a rapid and intuitive financing solution, exclusively designed for professionals in the heavy equipment industry.

4. 100% Pre-Funding & Effortless Applications up to $350K:

Reap the benefits of our pre-funding options and a hassle-free application process, devoid of the need for additional financial statements or documents.

5. Deferred Payments & Inclusive Approvals:

Provide up to 6 months of deferred payments and gain approvals even for start-ups and entities with challenged credit profiles, expanding your clientele.

6. All-Inclusive 100% Financing:

Deliver a comprehensive financial solution that includes tax, installation, shipping, training, etc., ensuring a complete financial solution for your clients.

7. Rapid Processing:

Ensure a streamlined and swift financing journey with our 5-minute credit application and same-day approvals.

8. Custom Application & Quoting Tool:

Leverage our exclusive tool to demonstrate to your clients in the machinery sector a price range and the ROI of the equipment, creating a more transparent and effective sales dialogue. Share accurate breakdowns of the savings and price via email to reinforce transparency and trust.

9. Referral Incentives Offered:

We provide referral fees for every successfully funded deal you send our way.

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