Encourage Legislators to Back the Main Street Tax Certainty Act!

Main Street Tax Certainty Act – Action Alert

San Diego entrepreneurs, take note! The tax relief that has been aiding our small businesses since the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is in danger of disappearing after 2025. The Main Street Tax Certainty Act (S. 1706), now on the legislative table, proposes to make the 20 percent Section 199A deduction a permanent fixture, ensuring ongoing support for our local businesses.

This is not just about numbers; it’s about sustaining the vibrant community of small businesses that form the backbone of San Diego’s economy. By cementing this deduction, we can ensure long-term tax equity, allowing our small enterprises to continue thriving alongside the bigger players in the market.

San Diegans, your action today can shape our local economy’s future. Raise your voice in support of the Main Street Tax Certainty Act and maintain San Diego’s reputation as a thriving hub for small businesses. Visit www.votervoice.net to make your impact. Please take a few moments TODAY to complete this important Action Alert.


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