Funding for the construction industry

  Recent increases in construction and contracting business activity are attributed to the growing trend of building custom homes, remodeling, adding offices, and adding additions. Also experiencing an increase in business are specialty companies, such as plumbers and electricians. But between fronting the cost of building materials, unexpected weather delays and late paying clients who also required multiple change orders, craftsmen can get caught up in balancing the costs of materials and labor with invoices. Contractors often find themselves caught in this middle ground, where they have to hire more employees in order to meet the workload, but profits are not increasing.  It should not be the inability to secure funding that prevents an organization from growing. By obtaining additional working capital from Small Business Lending Source you will be able to calculate the overhead costs of expansion. You will also be able to come up with an intelligent business plan to take your company to the next level. That is how easy it is for us to lay the foundation for success. By choosing Small Business Lending Source as your alternative funder, you are not only obtaining affordable capital, but you are also establishing a long-term financial partnership.


We believe in 100% transparency and will explain everything about your plan, down to the fixed terms and automated payments. There is no risk in using the application as it is free and simple to use.  Every business is different, so why should your financing plan be the same? You can get a tailored plan tailored to fit the unique needs and growth goals of your business with our boutique funding style. We are able to offer flexible options and live price changes to businesses without access to traditional bank loans because we are staffed with an experienced in-house team.

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