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16 Jul

Grants for Veterans Starting a Business

A lot of veterans take the bow of military service with the experience and knowledge required to channel; the garnered leadership skills into a new business. Fortunately, there are a number of resources at the disposal of veteran entrepreneurs, even grants to get started off. Understanding available options is only half the strife, so you […]

24 Jul

5 Reasons Why Non-Banks Could Be a Better Source of Funding Than Banks

For most small business owners, the conventional wisdom is that banks are the preferred source of financing anytime they are looking to expand or grow their business. That might have been true a decade ago, but banks are now facing some stiff competition from alternative non-bank lenders.   Part of this shift in market power […]

15 Jun

When Should a Business Take Out a Business Loan?

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve probably thought about expanding your business and paving the way for future growth. And, indeed, there are a lot of very good reasons to take out a business loan. Here are five of them.   Reason #1: Business expansion   Expanding your business is probably the No. […]

06 May

The Small Business Lending Landscape

Small business financing is not just one size matches all. In case you don’t fully grasp each of the options, you are going to likely overpay. In this post, we try and provide a summary of commercial loan rates. We’ll include all of the major financing options for small business owners and include the average […]

27 Mar

How to Use Factoring for Business Cash Flow

There are a variety of different reasons why companies turn to factoring: some are experiencing a sudden wave of growth, while others are dealing with slow-paying customers or trying to navigate a new overseas market. What all these companies have in common is a short-term cash flow squeeze.   That’s where factoring companies can help […]